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Mane Thoughts

There are three elements to every great hairstyle:

  • What cut looks best on you
  • What your hair naturally does
  • How you imagine yourself looking

With over 25 years of experience, Natasha has the knowledge and true gift of being able to unify these aspects of a great haircut. She will guide you in creating a look that will highlight your natural beauty and reflect your personality. Natasha specializes in working with people in transition. Whether it's a new job, a new move, or a new chapter in life, she will help you transform and reinvent your style to match the new you!

Natasha's goal is for you to have a hairstyle that makes you feel good about yourself every day, fits your lifestyle, and is healthy and easily maintained. To achieve this she works closely with you, using a unique collaborative process that will ensure you get not only what you want but also what you need.

Natasha is excited and proud to be associated with Privado Hair Design: a relaxed, intimate studio which allows for distinctive customized services and personalized attention.

Natasha's Story...

As a pre-law student, it became apparent that justice was not necessarily synonymous with the rules :( With my right brain kickin' in, I hightailed it out and found myself behind the chair!

Upon completion of a rigorous apprenticeship under Vincent Narayan and Michael Harwell (those boys were tough!) I thought I would give hair a good 10 years and then 'write a book'. Sooo shortsighted… I navigated from a junior stylist position through a myriad of learning opportunities and senior promotions, which eventually led to a solo act.

Now celebrating my 27th (wow!) year as a successful, independent artist in one of the nation's most challenging markets, I find myself gearing up for many more days of painting and snipping.

As for the book.....maybe!

I am grateful to have collaborated with many clients in creating hairstyles they love. You can Click Here to read about a few of their experiences.

Let's collaborate to create the best you!